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Proudly providing bespoke software solutions and mobile app design to Leeds businesses since 2000.

Who are Leeds Apps?

Looking for an experienced team of bespoke software app developers and application designers in Leeds?  Leeds Apps is one of the top app development companies in Leeds and for the last two decades we have been helping small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs in Leeds realise their dreams of taking their business forward into the future.

The dedication of Leeds Apps to helping customers achieve their goals through technology has recently been acknowledged through the winning of awards such as “Mobile Application Development Agency of the Year” and “Most Innovative Custom Software Development Company (Yorkshire)“.  With Leeds Apps your app or software development project is in safe hands so send us a quick message today to get the ball rolling.

At Leeds Apps we do this on a simple guiding principle which is fed by the imagination of our clients: if you can describe it, we can design, develop and deliver it!  We don’t use fancy gimmicks or a glut of bells and whistles; we do what needs to be done and in doing so have provided our customers – new and old – with a variety of applications that from a bespoke viewpoint have help lift productivity and user-friendliness to a whole new level.

The Leeds Apps software development team is second to none when it comes to producing web-based applications and apps that can be integrated with existing legacy software and platforms.  We can also take the nucleus of an idea and turn it into a fully functioning mobile app or web application that will work across a whole host of platforms; iOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

Our team of developers has produced bespoke software applications that have allowed Leeds businesses of all shapes and sizes to increase their ordering capabilities; allowing their customers to order on the move, when they need to, from wherever they happen to be at the time.  With the integration of existing database technology and newly created apps we have bore witness to our clients move from part of the crowd to trendsetters.

Whilst client confidentiality forebids us from divulging just what we have produced we can state categorically that whatever mobile app, database, SaaS system or web application you can think of, we can probably develop it for you… and we will be able to leverage the lessons learned from our having developed similar systems in the past to help shortcut the development timecales and costs for your project. If you are worried migrating data from your old legacy system and importing it into a new bespoke software system and database then you needn’t be as the success of many of Leeds Apps projects has hinged on our efficient data migration services and systems integration capabilities.

Our mobile app and software development team has had extensive involvement in numerous software and app projects so why not reach out to one of our team to find out just how we can help your business move forward.

With every app we integrate into a business model we do so with the knowledge that its primary function will be fulfilled; and that function is to help meld the old and new together in one seamless package. Rather like finding that missing piece of a jigsaw that prevents you from seeing the whole picture!

And to that end here at Leeds Apps our development team will strive tireless to help you achieve what all businesses aim for – more business, more productivity and more customer interaction.

Our goals are achieved using a variety of platforms as we have already touched upon and as well as integrating apps with existing software packages and databases, we can offer your business (whatever the size) the chance to step forth into the light of a new and exciting business future.

Our mantra is a simply yet effective one: we exist to help your business take the technological bull by the horns and push the boundaries; boundaries that were once limited by what software and hardware were available. The limits now are our clients’ imaginations.

And now as the worldwide web becomes interconnected on a deeper level with the technology at your fingertips, we here at Leeds Apps aim to ensure that whatever platform you use and whatever platform your clients use, the two can be unified to run parallel with each other flawlessly.

If you have an idea that you think will help your business move forward into the second half of this decade and make things easier for both you and your customers, then contact one of our development team today, and they will be happy to discuss not what could be done…but what can be done! You can contact us using the details to be found on the Contact Us page.

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