What is an App and What Will it do for Me?

As an app developer in Leeds we are often asked this very question. And the answer to the question is one that we often hear ourselves say on a regular basis: it will do exactly what you want it to do. We’ve been developing apps in and around the Leeds area for almost fifteen years now and in that time we have developed a wide and varied, some might say eclectic mix of apps covering the whole spectrum of business.

An app will do exactly what you want it to provided that we, at the development stage, cover all of the bases, dot all of the I’s and cross all of the T’s. The ultimate goal is to provide you with an app that will help move your business forward, regardless of what your business is.

Am I Limited In My Design Choices?

You’re not limited at all. Developing apps for businesses in Leeds and the surrounding locales (as well as clients across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom) we have come to realise over the years that the only limit is the clients’ imagination. It might just be the germ of an idea or it might be a perfectly sketched out plan that simply needs our development team to take over and put the whole thing into action. Either way there’s no limit on the design other than the limits you put upon yourself.

I know what I want but just can’t quite visualise it!

Again no problem for us; developing apps for Leeds-based clients as well as those further afield has given our development teams a unique insight into how to transfer your ideas from thin air to reality. We take each application on its own merits and each app presents its own unique set of challenges. After all it it were straight forward everyone would be doing it, right?

We have produced apps that have been drawn on the blank pages, ideas that have manifested during meetings with our development teams and even simply on the basis of a brief we have received from the client that has been along the lines of ‘It needs to do this!’

Our skilled and expert development teams are able to take even the flimsiest of notions and produce a thing of beauty that will work on a whole host of devices as well as being able to connect to database and CRM systems enabling businesses within Leeds to talk to each other and work forces to harmonise. It’s all really about taking those first tentative steps and picking up the telephone or sending us an email.

You can contact us using the details on the right hand side of this column or by filling out the form on the Contact Leeds Apps page; we really would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to rise to a new challenge just like we did yesterday.

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