Flexible working: where business and mobile collide

Flexible working? Nearly two-thirds of UK workers believe their productivity would improve if they could work remotely. That’s one finding from a survey of approx. 1,000 office workers ahead of the launch of a secure mobile working solution. Office sharing service Regus surveyed 130 UK companies to identify trends around home working and flexible working, and found that businesses are increasingly willing to support employees who want to work remotely or on different hours. It also found that 39% of employers expect more than 10% of their workforce will be nomadic (working away from the office) within five years.

Apps that support flexible working allow users to access files on smartphones and tablets using NFC tags – which can be used as virtual keys – to keep data secure. It also gives people remote access from any location, including their home PC.
“It’s not just a technology solution,” explained Andy Kemshal. “There are no passwords involved so it is a totally safe solution which can be used on all mobile devices.”

He added: “If you have a virtual office or no fixed abode and need to work securely outside the office… enables this without having to put confidential company information onto potentially insecure PCs in cafes and bars.”

The trend for working flexibly has grown in recent years as businesses along Leeds try to cut costs by letting staff work where they want, when they want – but with security becoming more important it is important that companies implement good policies around remote working.

“One of the biggest drawbacks with cloud apps is that they are not secure, so it’s important for companies to look at solutions like this. Flexible working is a concept whose time has come and where mobile meets enterprise, all kinds of Leeds based businesses could benefit from this.”
What do you think? Would flexible working make you more productive? How much would your business benefit from an app that facilitates flexible working?

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